GNS - Internet Service Provider
In 2002, we strategically decided to enter this market, due to the fact that most of our clients were unable to get the complete solution from any one company.
Our goal was to provide all Internet technologies from one supplier so that we could take full responsibility for the complete solution.
GNS is a tier-two provider of the two major ISPs in the country. SAIX (Telkom) and Internet Solutions. GNS is in a position where we can select best packages for our clients based on price/function of products and best cater for the needs of a full spectrum of clients requirements. GNS Consultants are experienced to ensure best product selection and highest stability methods through correct product provision/implementation.
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Click Here for a breakdown of the services that we offer, as well as a complete pricing list for services that may be of interest.
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Telkom Partnered Provider:
GNS’s primary partner for connectivity is Telkom’s Tier 1 provider, SAIX (South African Internet Exchange). GNS is able to tailor build connectivity solutions from a full spectrum of products SAIX has to offer for highly competitive pricing generally competing at Tier 1 level pricing structure. GNS has backdoor login to Telkom’s systems for prompter fault loggings and escalations including direct access to Senior Telkom Escalation Managers.
ADSL Access:
GNS Partnership status with SAIX Enables GNS to provide Telkom ADSL lines directly to GNS clients providing support/Helpdesk for line faults/escalations. This has been found to be suitable to many of our client requirements wanting one single point of contact.
Mail solutions:
Our mail solutions are Microsoft or Linux based. Depending on the environment, we will provide the correct solution.
Firewall and Proxy:
Our primary Firewall products are the Netgear basket of products and solutions. These are relatively inexpensive products compared with the biggest known long standing product range, Cisco Systems. Netgear offers life time warranty on the solutions we do and have proven themselves to be a major player in this area of the hardware market. GNS believes in hardware firewall solutions to minimise downtime all round as well as decrease requirement for on-going running expenses. GNS also partners with Marshal Product Range to delivery world class fully managed content and security proxy solutions.
Web Development and Hosting:
We will develop new or existing web sites. Our skills cover ASP.Net, Java, HTML, PHP to name a few.
GNS has two sets of hosting servers, primary set are SA based for clents wanting local hosting to SA, then we have Hosting Servers in the USA – We offer the commonly used C Panel access control for client access.
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